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To obtain the best possible credit redemption , you have to solicit all banks buying credit market to select the best offer of the moment. There are two types of credit redemption:
The repurchase of mortgage, it is about a credit mortgage with a low interest rate which can take back a mortgage loan (but not obligatorily) and the grouping of credit without mortgage constituted with more than 60% of credits with the consumption.

The repurchase of mortgage: the best repurchase of credit

The repurchase of mortgage: the best repurchase of credit

Credit surrender rates are lowest when there is more than 60% home equity in the total amount of the pool. The debt ratio after the loan repurchase will be limited to 40% (or 45% if the reference minimum living balance is multiplied by 3). The advantage is of course the much longer duration of the credit redemption, which reduces the maximum monthly payment while having a credit at the best rate. The lenders are not very numerous and they study in priority the files of their proxies for which they propose advantageous rates of credit.

That’s why, to obtain the best credit redemption, we are there, as a proxy to facilitate your task and find you the best offer of the moment.

The purchase of consumer credit without mortgage

The purchase of consumer credit without mortgage

You want to reduce your debt, collect all your consumer credits, online credits and overdrafts? Just do a credit redemption simulation. The goal is to reduce loan payments.

For the owners, it is possible to group all your credits for a maximum duration of 15 years and up to 200 000 dollars. For tenants or persons accommodated in their family, the maximum duration is 12 years and up to 100 000 dollars. Beyond 15 years, a mortgage will be required.

Once the monthly payments are reduced, you will be able to increase your savings capacity again. A credit simulation gives you the first indications, but the best is to ask us for a credit surrender quote.

Know that it is quite possible to make a credit redemption online, saving time is not negligible. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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